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Screenshot of Birdsville Bird Shop Sidney

Birdsville Bird Shop Sidney

Over thirty years in business, Birdsville is Australia’s best reputable and licensed retail bird supplier. Shop here with a knowledgeable team for everything birds, from hand reared to aviary, healthy, colourful and beautiful companions – big and small.

We specialise in keeping a wide variety of natives and exotics, From your small finch variety to the large macaws. We also carry many species mutations and splits for bird breeders in search of a particular bird, which can be delivered via freight Australia wide, as well as specialises in bird accessories, such as feeds, cages, behavioural enrichment toys, avian medication, vitamins and health products, breeding boxes, transport item, just to name a few.

We are a one stop shop for personalised informed service and products for your pets well being and habitats, including cages, feed, health products, toys and maintenance.

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