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The ancient Egyptians kept fish both as a source of food and for entertainment. Their hieroglyphics depict several different fish species. The Chinese began to breed goldfish in the 10th century. Goldfish were introduced to Europe at the end of the 18th century.

Today's aquariums have improved technologically and much information is available for the hobbyist. Most fish available for purchase today are bred in captivity. This means that the fish are hardier, less likely to harbor parasites and less expensive. Most fish breeding is done in Asia although some is done in Florida.

The disadvantage of captive-bred fish is that successive generations tend to have less color and smaller fins than wild fish except in the case of selective breeding.

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Saltwater Aquarium Advice

“I'm a scientist and I want to tell you about my ultimate ‘secret weapon’ to owning that amazing marine aquarium of your dreams, and avoid the fatal mistakes that 95% of marine aquarium owners make”.

“If you ever get that nagging feeling, right in the pit of your stomach, that you don’t quite know exactly what you are doing with your precious marine fish, coral or invertebrates…. Stop right there. You are putting your expensive marine life and tank set-up at risk! You really need to read this letter now…..you don’t want to miss out on what I’m going to reveal”

My techniques and practices are born from marine biology; they cannot be found anywhere else, they are a collection of scientific theory, experience and extensive research, which I have distilled and simplified. You won't find this level of information at your local pet store or on a website. This easy to understand information is vital for beginners through to experts.

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Caring for a Goldfish Aquarium

Keeping Goldfish can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As with any new hobby, especially one that involves living creatures, always consider the maintenance that will be involved. If you care for your aquarium properly, you will be sure to have happy and healthy Goldfish for many years.

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