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It's always great to get away and see different places whether you're staying close to home or a multi-state road trip.

With the growing trend of so many people sharing their lives with dogs, in particular, it's not that uncommon to see a car pull into a hotel parking lot with a canine or two in tow — a far cry from days past when you might only see a dog tagging along with his family on a camping trip.

Giving your dogs an opportunity to see different places and have new experiences is healthy and fun for them. Thankfully, a lot of hotels are creating a welcoming space for their guests' pets during their stay.

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Friendly Pet Travel

When it comes to pet travel, we are heads and tails above the rest. We've got it all … from pet friendly hotels and campgrounds, to beaches and off-leash parks where your dog can run, to veterinarians and pet supply stores - even restaurants and wineries where your pooch is welcome to join you! Everything you'll want or need while you're traveling across the US and Canada is here, all in one place.

But, sniffing out more than 60,000 pet friendly locations wasn't good enough - we had to make them easy for you to find, so we created the Road Trip Planner that will map your trip and locate all the pet friendly places along the way.

And that still wasn't enough! We know how important it is to have all the information at your fingertips, so we collected nearly 30,000 consistent, detailed pet polices from the hotels and campgrounds on our site. Find out about additional pet fees, weight or breed restrictions, and available pet amenities before you book!

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