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The commercial pet food industry has a long, colorful history. Prior to the mid-1800s, people fed their pets table scraps and home-prepared meals.By the early 1900s, the pet food industry was off and running with the introduction of canned dog foods, which consisted of horse meat, manufactured by Ken-L-Ration.

The 1930's saw the introduction of commercial cat food brands and the forerunner of dry pet food, which revolutionized the pet food industry.

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The Global Leader in Pet Nutrition

The Hill's® pet food lines began in 1939. Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. believed certain health conditions in pets could be managed through carefully formulated nutrition. His ideas were visionary in veterinary medicine, and he soon had the chance to prove his theory.

A young blind man named Morris Frank asked Dr. Morris if anything could be done to help his guide dog, Buddy, who was having kidney health issues. The result of Dr. Morris' efforts was the nutritional formulation that became the first product in the Hill's Prescription Diet line of therapeutic pet foods, and the world's first pet food designed for kidney health.

Soon after, Hill's Pet Nutrition was founded and the field of clinical nutrition sprang to life. That first therapeutic dog food evolved into Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d®, which is still sold today.

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Pet Food Report

Walk into any pet store and you find hundreds of choices in a variety of price ranges. How do you decide?

You simply cannot decide on a dog food or cat food by looking at the front of the bag or can; this is marketing, it is not the truth about what’s inside the pet food. Actually, the front of a pet food bag is legally allowed to lie to you. Pet food regulations state a pet food label can contain “unqualified claims, either directly or indirectly”. Unqualified claims mean a pet food label can claim ‘Premium’ or ‘Choice Ingredients’ when the truth is far from premium or choice.

The next challenge pet owners are up against…Pet food regulations ALSO do NOT allow a pet food manufacturer to make any statements to quality or grade of ingredients on their label. Some pet foods use the same quality of meat you’d purchase in the grocery for any other member of your family. Problem is, these pet foods are NOT allowed to tell you this (yes, I know – it’s ridiculous; rules allow them to make unqualified claims, and the same rules don’t allow honest pet food companies to be honest). A quality minded pet food manufacturer, who uses the same quality of meat that you would purchase in the grocery for your family is NOT allowed to tell you that. (Per Association of American Feed Control Officials model regulations.)

Some pet foods contain chemicals and dyes linked to cancer and serious illness. Some canned pet foods have a lining inside the can that contains BPA, a chemical scientifically linked to cancer.

Petsumer Report reviews tells you which Pet Food Manufacturers use human quality ingredients, BPA lined cans, and who uses risky chemicals and dyes.

You have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. New subscribers have a full 60 days to look it over. If you don’t like it or think it’s not worth your money – I’ll give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

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Pet Food

We are pet lovers who want the best for all animals without breaking the bank. Join the conversation about all things pet related from in depth food reviews to money saving coupons to sensible health tips.We have your pet needs covered!

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