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A pet store or shop is a retail business which sells different kinds, pet food, animal supplies, and pet accessories. The store may or may not sell animals.

In the UK and a large number of other European countries, dogs and cats are not sold at pet stores. Exotic pets such as Sugar Gliders, large snakes, hedgehogs, Brazilian short-tailed opossums, and large parrots are available at some pet shops. Because the care of these types of animals is difficult and expensive, these are most often carried only in stores that specialize in exotic animals.

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Screenshot of Pasadena Pet Store, Dog Grooming, Daycare & More

Pasadena Pet Store, Dog Grooming, Daycare & More

My Pet Garden is a locally owned and operated pet store in Pasadena CA. We carry a wide variety of pet products for all your furry companion's needs. We also specialize in dog daycare, boarding, grooming, pet rescue and animal adoption.

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