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Title: International Cat Care
Rescue Organizations

Millions of people around the world love cats, either having them as pets, living alongside them in the community, or treating and caring for them as veterinary surgeons or cat professionals.

But we know many cats are not kept as well as they could be and there is also a great deal of suffering – because information is scarce, because the needs of cats are misunderstood, because good veterinary care is not available, because humane population control is not considered or, unfortunately because like many other animals, they are treated cruelly or neglected.

Address:High Street
Postal Code:SP3 6LD
Phone Number:+44 (0)1747 871 872
Fax Number:+44 (0)1747 871 873
Country:United Kingdom
Local Hours:09.00–17.00 hrs GMT Monday-Friday

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