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Title:Pot-Bellied Pig Secrets

Pot belly pigs can be the cutest, most affectionate and lovable pets you can own. But before buying one as a pet, you should learn all you can about potbelly pig ownership. Piglets are not like puppies in the way they learn or behave. In fact studies have shown that piggies are much smarter than dogs and a mature pig will have the intelligence of a 2 year old. This is the reason why people say having a potbelly is the same as having a toddler for 15 years!

I love pigs. And I have owned and bred potbelly pigs for over 10 years and after spending so much time around them, I've discovered the easy and more importantly effective methods that can be used to train your pig, keep your piglet in line and obeying your commands.

It wasn't easy though. In the beginning there were no resources or information available and everything I've learned came through trial and error, speaking to other potbelly owners and vets. My first pig, Bacon, became aggressive after I had him for around a month and it took quite a while to tame his aggressive ways. But I eventually won the battle and ever since that time Bacon has been an inquisitive and affectionate companion.

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